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Nao TokuiJP

Nao Tokui<sup>JP</sup>
Nao Tokui

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Nao Tokui is an artist/DJ, researcher, and founder of Qosmo, an AI creative studio based in Japan. While pursuing his Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo, he released his first music album and singles, including a 12-inch record with Nujabes, a legendary Japanese hip-hop producer. Since then, he has been exploring the potential augmentation of human creativity through the use of AI.

His works have been exhibited at the New York MoMA, Barbican Centre (London), InterCommunication Center (Tokyo), and more. In addition, he published his first book on AI and creativity in January 2021. He is currently working on an English version of the book due in early 2023.


Qosmo / Surf on Entropy