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Barrio LindoAR

Barrio Lindo<sup>AR</sup>
Barrio Lindo

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Producer, Luthier and Co-founder of Shika Shika Collective. Since his first release, Sistema Respiratorio EP (2012), he became a recognized name in the new generation of electro-organic South American music. In addition to several collaborations with artists such as Chancha Vía Circuito, Nicola Cruz and Populous, he develops History of Color, a joint project with the UK producer, El Búho.

In the last five years he has performed in more than 30 countries throughout South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with a strong presence in Japan where he has made 3 visits with more than 25 gigs throughout the country and relaunching his albums with a Japanese edition.


Shika Shika Collective, Bad Panda Records, Project Mooncircle, ZZK records


-Albura (LP) - Shika Shika Collective (2017)

-Albura Remixes - Shika Shika Collective (2018)

-Fulgor - Shika Shika Collective (2019)