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Peter Kuschnereit is DJ Pete a.k.a Substance, recognized as one of the essential leaders of the techno scene in Berlin. Born and raised in the central district of Kreuzberg, his influence has been multifaceted: he has worked at the groundbreaking HardWax record store for 27 years, has had a long and fruitful relationship with Berghain, is also one of the main DJs of the legendary series of WaxTreatment parties, which helps unite diverse varieties of world dance music and, above all, became an institution of the world circuit for carving the most aseptic and profound sound of the German capital, the purest techno dub with his contributions to the label Chain Reaction and Scion Versions in the mid 90's and 2000 along with Vainqueur.

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of his career as a DJ, an opportune moment to announce his first solo EP by the legendary label Ostgut Ton. "Rise And Shine" sees Kuschnereit merging his mental and industrial aesthetics as Substance with the resounding heavy inclinations of DJ Pete. Get ready Barcelona, ​​because you will see the German legend, which embodies the deep cosmos of Berlin, in his most dense form, that is, at his best point.

Rise and Shine (Ostgut Ton 2018)


Berlin duo Substance and Vainqueur are known for their pionneering releases on the Chain Reaction label, influencing a whole school of artists with their chilly dub-techno sound.