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Cyril Meroni & Olivier VasseurFR

Cyril Meroni & Olivier Vasseur<sup>FR</sup>
Cyril Meroni & Olivier Vasseur

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Having cut his teeth in the music scene, trained in editing and special effects for Arte and as a cameraman for collaborative projects in the field of relational art, Cyril Meroni experiments with the spatial disposition of images and sounds. From live A/V performances to the scenography of shows and festivals, by way of numerous mappings and the direction of two movies, his body of work allows him to explore various means of audiovisual narration. Meroni’s artistic approach led him to further the relationship between the precision of technology and the intrinsic imperfections of human action. He worked with the likes of Rioji Ikeda, Blanca Li, Anti V and Hubert Colas, as well as for illustrious festivals such as Exit, Fid, the Avignon Festival and Le Bon Air. Working as artistic and technical co-director for the Hexalab collective, he also provides independent training for post-production and video broadcasting software.

Olivier Vasseur has been a producer and mixer for the past three decades. He collaborated with a number of musical acts for whom he provided support and artistic direction, namely drummer-composer Verlatour, electropop pair Edgär, glitch-dubstep duo Turnsteak and synth-pop outfit Texture droite. Vasseur also worked closely with famed label InFiné, namely on Toh Imago’s album Nord noir and Gordon’s Coelacanthe.


French multidisciplinary artist and A/V designer Cyril Meroni, in collaboration with French producer and director Olivier Vasseur.


Loosely inspired by theoretical works in quantum mechanics, Advienne plays with temporality, realigns perspectives and forces the audience to rethink its relationship with the world.