Mexico, 10月 21, 2019
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MUTEK Mexico Édition 16

MUTEK Mexico Édition 16

This November, Mexico City will be reestablished as one of the most exciting creative capitals in the world, with a circuit of activities focused on showcasing cutting-edge acts, experimentation and new digital art models that this city has attracted and exploded. After 16 years of constant work, MUTEK MX is proud to be part of this circuit, in addition to being able to connect and collaborate with other organizations in order to offer our audience the most intense and stimulating week of the year, focused on digital sound and arts.

In the final stretch towards the celebration of our Edition 16, we present the artistic lineup and all collaborations that will complement this year’s program, including artists chosen from our National Open Call launched in May of this year. This action, unprecedented in Mexican festivals, has given us a detailed outlook on the current state of digital sound and arts in our country. The response to the open call, with more than 250 applications received, has filled us with energy and emotion: confirming that we live in one of the most fertile territories in the world, thriving with cutting-edge artists.

After months of conducting a detailed selection process, we present the artists and projects selected through our Open National Call, which are part of our Phase Three Lineup:

Concepción Huerta performance A-way from fiction - Impvlso - Naerlot & Ultrachina como Unity - Jerry ZZZ - Le Fantom Onde - Markalach - NRMN - Rodrigo Martínez & Guillermo Olivera Live A/V Glitch Art - SANSSOLEIL - The Sinking - Virgilio performance Inframundis - VOID - CNDSD + Iván Abreu - KOI - Un rêve - Wasted Fates.

We are excited for out collaborations this year:

Collaboration has been one of the pillars of MUTEK MX throughout 16 years of history. Each year, cultural, academic and diplomatic institutions have joined management efforts with the festival, in order to offer a diverse program for our audience, by having several locations, artist and experience models. For our Edition 16 we are excited to present different alliances that enrich our programming this year and extend the circuit of possible activities for our attendants throughout the week of the festival:

Noiselab and WHITEVoid present: SKALAR by Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray @Frontón México

During 45 minute sessions, SKALAR combines a wide array of kinetic mirrors and moving lights, perfectly synchronized with a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, offering an audiovisual narrative of vectorworks of radiant light and multidimensional sound in enormous blacked-out spaces.

In a special alliance between MUTEK MX and Noiselab, SKALAR adds to the program of activities that enrich the experience of festival attendees with exclusive happenings and special discounts, with events from November 18th to 24th in Fronton Mexico. Find details here.

Brian Eno presents Condenser @ Nocturne 1 and 2 In collaboration with FF projects.

Eno is considered an icon of contemporary international culture. Condenser is an immersive piece that pushes the boundaries of contemplative experiences: a ‘painting’ capable of generating infinite combinations of ‘colorscapes’ accompanied by an audio piece composed as Generative Music.

Check the details here.

adidas Originals present Nocturne 1 and Aether, a special installation by Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club

Electronic music producer Max Cooper and visual artists Architecture Social Club combine to form one of the most fascinating pairings in the world of contemporary digital art. Their immersive installation Aether functions as an emotional instrument, telling stories through an audiovisual map of abstract forms. After sweeping through Lumiere Festival 2018, one of the most important events in the world for artists working with light, Aether will have its Latin American debut in Edition 16 in Nocturne 1 and Nocturne 2.

Casa MUTEK + Digi Lab 2019

In collaboration with Universidad de la Comunicación
For our Edition 16, all educational talks, workshops and activities from Digi Lab will be conducted simultaneously with a new program of community and networking at Casa MUTEK, transforming the iconic building of the UC Fraternity into the meeting point for everything happening by day during the week of the festival. From morning until dusk, we will have music selectors, gastronomic offers and an incredible marketplace which will feature showrooms, pop-up stores and special activities presented by and for the community that gathers every year around MUTEK MX.
➤ Casa MUTEK – From Tuesday November 19, to Thursday November 22.
You may find all the marketplace participants at Casa MUTEK at Fábrica the nights of Nocturne 1 and 2.
➤ Digi Lab – From Tuesday 19 to November 23.

The MUTEK MX Experience

From November 18 to 24, MUTEK MX proposes exploring Mexico City through a contrast between the iconic and the avant-garde, from our locations to the lineup, to all complementary activities, such as the traditional Gastronomic Route or the new sustainability actions that have been added to the festival program.
➤ The Gastronomic Route 2019 includes new benefits and activities for attendants to the festivals and offers the opportunity to strengthen the ties in our community by creating a circuit that will be visited by artists, staff, guests and collaborators. Discover all the participating restaurants, bars and coffee shops here.
➤ In relation to our sustainability actions and the first steps towards a fully sustainable festival, this year MUTEK MX will start collaborating with platforms focused on reducing the environmental impact of massive events, thus encouraging joint responsibility between attendants and organizers.

Rudistas will offset the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions resulting from the festival activities by directly investing a percentage of tickets sold in communal land communities in Querétaro, with the purpose of eventually stopping the use of their lands for livestock farming, aggressive agriculture, deforestation or urban development, and transformign them into Natural Regeneration areas which will contribute to the restoration of ecosystems near Mexico City. 

Circular will provide reusable cups made with recycled plastic. This will significantly reduce the generation of trash and eliminate the use of disposable cups for beverages.

Plasti.CO will be in charge of reviewing our facilities and train the festival’s staff to reduce to the maximum the use of disposable plastics and materials, and thus have an optimum recollection of residues and recycle the highest amount possible. They will also conduct an awareness campaign.

MUTEK MX x adidas Originals

The collections from adidas Originals are the result of processes and methods similar to production of an artist, using investigation, reflection, and the contextualization of society and culture.
adidas Originals, same as the works being presented in the festival, seeks the generation of original ideas and pieces.
adidas Originals, through their collections and campaigns, promotes creative thinking, taking inspiration from the past to generate new ideas, as well as the daring to see reality in a unique way to imagine possible worlds.
An important part of the mission of adidas Originals is working collaboratively, a value shared with the festival, which makes the brand a pioneer within their industry.

Sobre adidas Originals:

Inspired by the rich sports heritage of adidas, one of the leading sports brands in the world, global designer and developer of footwear and sportswear, adidas Originals is a lifestyle brand founded in 2001. With the adidas portfolio in its foundation, adidas Originals continues evolving the legacy of the brand through their commitment to innovation of products and their capacity to filter creativity and courage found on the court and in sports venues through the lens of contemporary youth culture. Marcked by the iconic Trefoil logo, which was first used in 1972 and upheld by those who continue forming and defining creative culture, adidas Originals continues to lead the way as a sportswear brand.

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