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In moody synth washes, sparse rhythms and echoing vocals, YlangYlang draws the subconscious to the surface. At once creating a hazy ambience and emotionally powerful tonal shifts, YlangYlang's music transcends reality by abstractly dissecting the meaning of life.

YlangYlang's roots rest firmly in Montréal’s underground experimental music scene, a community that Debard has been actively involved in for several years. She began YlangYlang as a solo project in 2012, translating her experiences, memories and emotions into abstract electronic compositions and semi-improvised performances. Since then, she's released records internationally on several labels and collaborated with underground producers such as Cosi e Cosi and Nothinge. Debard also creates sound art with a tactile visual component and has composed original scores for indie video games for Montréal artist Palgal. As well as performing at Montréal underground venues and festivals such as Suoni Per Il Popolo and No Exist No Fest, Debard has toured in Canada, the U.S. and Europe as YlangYlang. She's lead workshops on electronic composition using hardware and Ableton at Montréal's Lux Magna festival, Hamilton's Sitelines Community Arts Project and Ottawa's Drone Day. In 2018, Debard participated in a one-month artist residency at NES, in Skagaströnd, Iceland.

YlangYlang brings her pop-intoned synth productions and sonic hypnosis skills to the outdoor stage, setting a tone that should reverberate off the clouds.


Personal Records, Crash Symbols


YlanYlang 7", YlangYlang + Così e Così 7" (2019)


She's also performed audio hypnosis sessions for Ascension Hypnosis and presented her audio installation art at Montréal's Centre Clark