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Roberto started out in the Tijuana music scene in 1985, working in various electronic music outfits until he became part of Post-Industrial band Artefakto, alongside Pepe Mogt and Jorge Ruiz. In 1997 they became Fussible. In 1999 Pepe and Roberto began experimenting with mixing norteña and tambora with electronic music. This mix became Nortec and it's first representational tracks were put together by Pepe, Roberto and their friend Ramon Amezcua, aka, Bostich.Around this time, Roberto left Fussible to start his own project, Panoptica, with which he began to explore dub, techno, experimental electronica and of course, Nortec. In 2001, Panoptica put out a series of four 10' singles, a CD compilation of these singles and in 2002, an EP of remixes, all released through drum & bass label Certificate 18's Electronic Projects label. Roberto also has a side project, Mendoza and is working with his friend, ex-Bauhaus y Love & Rockets member, David J and Pepe Mogt, on a new collaborative project called Desierto.


Certificate 18