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Vigliensoni is a Montréal-based musician and producer from Valparaiso, Chile. His work is informed by formal musical training and extensive studies in the design of new musical interfaces and music recommendation algorithms. He completed his PhD in music technology at McGill University. In his work, Vigliensoni transforms the process of making a record into a playground for learning and experimentation. Initially part of different music groups, Vigliensoni was a founding member of the seminal post-punk band Lucybell and the electro-acoustic band Mismos. His solo career began with Nata (2018), a release in which he experimented with techno and breakbeat. He has also explored vocal-driven songs about animal polygamy and migratory birds in Le Règne Animal, and overlapped krautrock and electronica references with Jaguar.

For this edition, Vigliensoni will be premiering Clastic Music, which was showcased as part of MUTEK AI Art Lab earlier this year. Inspired by new geological formations assembled by the addition of multiple fragments, the artist will be improvising using rhythmic samples processed through deep neural network architectures. This sonic experiment contains waves of drum fills knitted into the fabric of Vigliensoni’s compositions. He also partnered with Chilean artist Eduardo Pérez Infante to create a web-based application through which spectators will be able to modify the visual component of the show.


Chilean Montréal-based producer and musician Gabriel Vigliensoni, founder of post-punk band Lucybell and electro-acoustic band Mismos.




Tempest (2018), Michael Saved us all (2018)


Vigliensoni has over thirty written and co-written academic publications covering the topic of music recommendation, listening behaviour, and new interfaces for musical expression, production, and synthesis.

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