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Vigliensoni, aka Gabriel Vigliensoni, is a Montréal-based musician and producer. His work is informed by formal musical training and extensive studies in sound recording, music production, new musical interfaces, and music information retrieval. In his work, Vigliensoni explores the different stages of current music production workflows, always transforming the process of making a record into a playing field for experimentation and learning. Vigliensoni has been involved in a variety of projects all through his lengthy musical career, performing, producing, and composing. He was a founding member of the post-punk band Lucybell and the electro-acoustic band Mismos, among many other collaborations. In all these projects, Vigliensoni constantly embedded his trademark sound of edgy synth melodies, interlocked rhythms, and sonic experimentation.

His recent release is the result of rhythmic improvisations using a machine learning-assisted compositional approach. To create these rhythmic clasts, Vigliensoni uses a custom-built software device that learns models of rhythmic patterns from pre-existing fragments.

Photo credit: Myriam Menard


Montréal-based Chilean producer and musician Gabriel Vigliensoni, founder of post-punk band Lucybell and electro-acoustic band Mismos.


A Magical Substance, clang


Michael Saved Us All (2018)
Tempest (2018)


Vigliensoni has authored and co-authored over thirty academic publications covering the topic of music recommendation, listening behavior, and new interfaces for music expression, production and synthesis.