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Dancehall culture and sound system tropes are celebrated, distilled, smoked out and reawakened by this murky, shapeshifting project from Richmond (BC) by way of the Philippines. Using conventional dub as a figurative square one for its introspective, avant-garde explorations, SKRS (the preferred diminutive) creates its own, beguiling brand of truncated, reverb gorged dub. Formed in the early aughts and working alongside in house artist MYSTERYFORMS, SKRS operated mostly under the radar until the 2012 release of The Call From Below on Digitalis Recordings – an outstandingly heady symphony of shattered bass weight. 2014’s Rootprinciple on Bristol’s No Corner imprint served as an apt reminder of SKRS’s unique ability to collage together crackling, understated dubs and emotional vibrant beats into meditative, late-night magic.

For this set, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL cuts and sews together a live collage of their favourite loops and samples taken from their diverse catalog for a heady and dizzying dub deconstruction affair!