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Montreal sound-sculpture artist France Jobin has been performing and recording as i8u since the mid-nineties. i8u's compositions reveal powerful, opaque and complex sound environments that traverse the sonic spectrum from low-end bass rumblings to high-octane microscopic treble. Her installation/web art can be said to follow a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements. Jobin's overall effect is best likened to experiments in ambient frequency collage.

She has released numerous solo albums, the latest being 2008's 10-33 cm, on the acclaimed Australian ambient imprint ROOM40. She has collaborated notably with Goem, Martin Tétreault, David Kristian and recently with Tomas Phillips. Their work is featured on the album "ligne" released on the ATAK label (JP).

i8u is currently working closely with New York visual artist CHiKA, their A/V work has been shown in the US and Europe. CHiKA is a live media artist working in the international VJ and experimental music scene. Her performances vary from minimalist geometric patterns to unique compositions overflowing with a variety of forms and color. In early May, they are taking part in an artist residency in New York, putting the last finishing touches on their new project, "Traverse". which will have its world premiere at MUTEK_10.