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Push 1 stopCA/QC

Push 1 stop<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Push 1 stop

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Gleefully muddying the waters between 3D motion design and generative art, Push 1 stop's work ranges from incredibly varied installation and site-specific artistry to live performances that weave complex visual narratives into immersive environments.

As Push 1 stop, Cadie Desbiens combines her background in video and photography with her work in postproduction and special effects. The result is both fluid optical illusion and animated realism. Push 1 stop has performed at Montréal’s Igloofest, Nuit Blanche, Festival TransAmériques, POP Montréal, C2 Montréal and other festivals and events. This year at MUTEK, Desbiens acts as both a scenographer for the main performance venues of the festival, and VJ—creating a complete environment for her roving embodied images and abstract storylines to entwine with live music.


Montréal-based digital artist, post-production specialist and VJ Cadie Desbiens


Push 1 stop's recent creations include Frozen Music, a large-scale generative and sculptural real-time video installation

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