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Philip JeckUK

Philip Jeck<sup>UK</sup>
Philip Jeck

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Alchemist of the etched surface, Philip Jeck presides over a multitude of turntables on which cautiously selected records impatiently wait to be transformed by the delicate drop of a needle. Jeck's work resonates somewhere between experimental music and the hermetic space of art galleries, where his installations have involved as many as 180 record players. Repetition, multiples, and the tension between context and the integral qualities of objects are paramount in his work. He hijacks pop fetishism as he deconstructs (and reconstructs) the objects of musical listening. Accident and intent collide as Jeck creates haunting layers of sound, using the turntable as both source and conduit, stirring the ghostly remains interred on dead vinyl and resurrecting them in a renewed form.