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Organ MoodCA/QC

Organ Mood<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Organ Mood

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Organ Mood crafts hypnotic landscapes of luminous melodic compositions, colourful low-tech projections and mood-altering lighting. Live, the multidisciplinary creative collective is known for their concerts in unexpected locations, enveloping audiences within a synaesthetic moment lost in time, where sound and image blur into a global sensory experience.

Both originally from Sherbrooke, Québec, Organ Mood founders Jacques and Lamarche-Ledoux set out in 2008 to fuse their improvised sound and visuals into uncommon atmospheric live experiences. Drawing inspiration from the culture and aesthetics of 1980s German space rock and krautrock, they combined Jacques’ abstract geometric and organic patterns projected on acetate with Lamarche’s hyper-melodic analog synth compositions. As well as creating multi-patterned visual art using acetate and retro projectors, Mathieu Jacques is a print artist who has exhibited and performed at numerous Montréal galleries and festivals, including Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art. As a musician and producer, Lamarche-Ledoux's ties to Montréal's music community include collaborations with several different bands and solo artists, including Chocolat and his newest synth project, Lesser Evil, with Ariane M. Organ Mood also recently expanded to include Estelle Frenette-Vallières, who rejigs vintage spotlights to create idiosyncratic lighting effects. Organ Mood's latest album, Indivisible, reflects the group's evolution in its exuberance of layered patterns and richly timbered visual and sonic psychedelia.

Live on MUTEK's opening night, Organ Mood takes to the venue's floor to plunge festival-goers into the dark, creating an immersive atmosphere through music, visuals and a wildly enhanced scenography specific to the space. Be ready to get horizontal and wide-eyed inside their 360-degree illusion.


Dare to Care Records


Indivisible (2019)


Organ Mood won a Jutra Award (Québec's Oscars) for their dreamy original score for Stéphane Lafleur’s film Tu dors Nicole (You're Sleeping, Nicole)

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