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Melmann combines different musical dimensions, as musician and sound artist, always innovating in his compositions, making test formats, exploring different sounds, resources and instruments. 
Walking between experimentation and melody his music is nocturnal and introspective. Focused on using sound as a means of expression, he uses different sound sources such as field recordings, concrete sounds and texts, working with human voice as an artistic material, to the blending electronic and acoustic instruments such as harp, lyre, crystal harp, Guzheng, ukulele, hang drum, etc. to build contemplative soundscapes. For quite a long time now, his creative activity has been dominated by musical culture developing a media project combining sounds with images and text working with VJS, generating a mix between these elements, looking for a conceptual and discursive unity between them.

Since 2006, as solo artist has releasing 6 albums and touring different countries, such as Japan, China, South Korea, United States, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, Poland, Peru, Brazil and Chile. He has shown his work in numerous venues and festivals, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (supporting Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto -New York), the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Potytech Museum (Moscow), Sónar Festival (B.A.), SEMA (Seoul Museum of Art) EXPO MILANO (Italy), Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver) among others. Also he has work as a curator on “Lenguajes Sonoros” and participate in the music residency Red Bull Music Academy in New York 2013. He also works producing music and sound for video games, commercials, TV, movies, theatre and sound installations.


Argentinian musician and composer Nicolás Melmann


Soliloquios (2015) - Somehow Recordings (UK) Culto al pasado - Retrospectiva 2006 -2012 (2013) Lento y Grave (2008) La Virginidad de Otomi (música para teatro - 2006) Kyoko (2005)