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A Japanese sound artist and composer currently based in Brooklyn, Keiko Uenishi (aka o.blaat) has been exploring the disappearing fringes of ambient noise since the turn of the century. She derives her performance alias from a thin, flavourless, edible Japanese paper (oblaat) used to coat bitter medicines and candy. Her sound art could be said to operate in much the same way: a flushing of field recordings as manipulated through the machinery of white-noise creation. She self-released her first CD-R in 2001, an abstract eleven-track cycle called Sketches For Various Notions Of Hanging Sky By. In 2004, the Portuguese label Cronica Electrinica issued her second album, Two Novels: Gaze/In The Cochlea, a disc that featured collaborations with Eyvind Kang, Aki Onda, Ikue Mori, and DJ Olive.

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