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Narod Niki

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Narod Niki is the brainchild of a group of artists feverish with inspiration, an insanely inspired idea that was undoubtedly conceived in the wee hours of the morning... The premise is simple: there are many talented artists who love to gather to collaborate but the occasions to do so are rare. Therefore they conspired to envision a fluid structure allowing the involvement of various artists in a variety of production, remixing, and performance projects. Narod Niki crystallizes this intent by gathering an indefinite and open collective of musicians who share the same taste for a rhythmic and playful style of music perfect for night's deepest hour. They also share a collective expertise (as well as audio files) in a combined effort where each artist's individual identity dissolves to benefit the collective. The name Narod Niki references the students and professors who traveled Russia teaching the peasants to read and to understand the basis of the revolution. For their first public appearance, Narod Niki brings together Ricardo, Thomas, Martin, Daniel, Jean-Guillaume, Marc, Lucien, and Richie. (So much for the clues!)