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Melero & TuñónAR

Melero & Tuñón<sup>AR</sup>
Melero & Tuñón

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The Opium Route, sound alchemy performed by Daniel Melero and Diego Tuñón is presented as a possible result. With a set of compositions, which have been in continuous production for more than four years, Melero and Tuñón offer us an experience that borders on adventure and mystery, with a time that becomes successive and profound.

It is the sounds, melodic and enveloping, that pull the creative process, building a record that does not work with time, but with it. And, as if it were the modeling of a sculpture, it is that same traction, of repetition and retouching, that defies the limit of the categories allowing the album to be thought of as a series of exhibition pieces. Daniel Melero is a renowned and prolific Argentine composer, keyboard player, theorist and producer; Pioneer of electronic music in his country, and an inescapable beacon of any trend related to rock. In 2013 he was distinguished as “Outstanding Personality of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in the field of Culture”.

Diego Tuñón is an Argentine musician, producer and composer. Since 1991 he has been a member of the emblematic musical group Babasónicos, through which he produced a vast discography and developed a career with international reach. In his role as producer, he worked in the production of multiple albums by leading artists on the local scene, such as Daniel Melero, Carca, Victoria Mil and Banda de Turistas, among others.

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