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Marco Martínez & Andrea GanaCL

Marco Martínez & Andrea Gana<sup>CL</sup>
Marco Martínez & Andrea Gana

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NAVAS is a real time creation where the sound and visual landscapes focus on the eternal transformation of the elements, in an irregular geography and lacking geometric precision. The project offers a contemplative state where the abstract landscape, which at times is usually a creation of live "paintings", becomes recognizable, emotional and fleeting.

At the same time, the sound landscape dialogues with the real-time interpretation of analog-digital sounds and “field recordings” of sounds such as: bells, water, caves, underground train, among others.
The re-interpretation of the sound and the visual field come together in a stimulating experience, which invites the viewer to travel through abstract digital atmospheric states.
Appears with support of Fondos de Cultura - Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio (Chile) and in collaboration with Frecuencias Festival.

Music and light artist Andrea Gana and visual artist Marco Martínez.