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Marina RosenfeldUS

Marina Rosenfeld<sup>US</sup>
Marina Rosenfeld

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Brooklyn-based artist Marina Rosenfeld is known for her turntable compositions, sound and visual installations, and performances-particularly her 17-woman electric guitar project, 'Sheer Frost Orchestra'. Her many collaborations with contemporary composers and her participation in numerous artistic and musical events have earned her an international reputation. Rosenfeld's compositions for turntables involve a practice that is rather unusual in experimental music: she transfers her own works onto acetate records. The resulting sonic material is both unique and personal. In 2002, she joined Martin Ng and other turntablists for the successful 'Turntable Hell' tour of the UK under the direction of Martin Tétreault. The experimental collaboration with Ng and Tétreault continues in this, Rosenfeld's first Montreal appearance.