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Loraine JamesUK

Loraine James<sup>UK</sup>
Loraine James

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Born in North London, IDM producer Loraine James was impregnated at home with a variety of music from an early age with her family’s wide-ranging palate and the city’s musical multiculturalism, listening to electronica, UK drill and jazz. Influenced by different artists and bands such as Squarepusher or Telefon Tel Aviv, she developed a unique sound, smoothly blending electronica, math rock and jazz crafting anything from ambient off-kilter beats to vocal sample-driven techno.

After releasing various EPs and albums in the last 4 years, she signed to Hyperdub in 2019 and released ¨For You and I¨, her third LP, a free flowing approach to her IDM blending-genre of avant-garde aesthetic and sensibility.

Loraine James debuts live at MUTEK and in Barcelona, performing her unpredictable blend of IDM and Electronica with jazz-infused ambience and rhythmic patterns at the Fabrica Estrella Damm's PLAY program.


Uk producer, Loraine James




¨For You and I¨ (Hyperdub 2019), ¨Button Mashing (New York Haunted 2019)