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Levon Vincent

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Levon Vincent is one of the most revered icons in the house and techno scene. His artistic identity is linked to the musical roots from his hometown. In his sets and productions, he mixes 90s NY House, Dub Techno and New Wave with a high dose of unpredictability. He trained as a DJ in New York in the late eighties and recently moved to Berlin, where he continued to develop his work as a producer, managing his own label, Novel Sound and Deconstruct Music, label co-founded with Anthony Parasole.

He has recently released ¨World Order Music¨, his third LP after “For Paris” in 2017. Influenced by minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and La Monte Young, as well as the "golden age" of the British rave movement, his productions have reached a certain anthemic status with their unmistakable sound of industrial beats and UK bass.

Talking about his latest work, Levon recently said: “World Order Music is the sound of having fun, enjoying life, expressing myself through music, exploring new rhythmic ideas, unloading emotional turmoil, living with optimism, all the good stuff! If I had to pinpoint some kind of concept, it would involve combining euphoric dance sounds with techniques pioneered by the older minimalist composers. This LP was written while traveling around playing for sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music, and spending days in the studio with my cat.”

In the next edition of MUTEK Barcelona, ​​Levon Vincent presents the world premiere of his live show for the first time on stage as pat of Firday night´s Nocturne 2 program at Nitsa.


Levon Vincent, DJ and producer from New York, based in Berlin


¨World Order Music¨ (Novel Sound 2019), ¨For Paris¨ (Novel Sound 2017)