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Lucinda ChuaUK

Lucinda Chua<sup>UK</sup>
Lucinda Chua

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Cellist and vocalist, Lucinda Chua started her musical training at the early age of three, learning to pay the piano and cello under the Suzuki method based on tonalization, the ability to produce or recognize the ringing tone on the given instrument. Her unique musical abilities soon found her performing live with the likes of FKA twigs, GAIKA and collaborating with Ben Vince, Helm, KÁRYYN or Alex Epton.

On her first solo work, Pitchfork said "As if in conversation with the instrument, she fills the space in between notes with her voice, raised barely above a lilting whisper.¨
Lucinda Chua debuts in MUTEK Barcelona as part of the X/Visions program at the Institut Français, presenting her first solo EP, “Antidotes 1”, in which she explores her steaming mid-ground sound between R&B and chamber pop, creating other-worldly sound atmospheres accompanied by her cello.
Lucinda is supported by British Council as part of the “MUSE, A New Wave in the Mediterranean” project.

Antidotes 1 (Self-Released 2019)


'I realise now that I spent so long trying to find my place in the world, always feeling like an awkward fit. So I started to make my own world, and this is my first step in exploring it’.

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