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Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithUS

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith<sup>US</sup>
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s music, informed by her experimentation and the unique sounds of the Buchla 100 synthesizer, has put her on the path to global recognition through her ten studio albums -two of them in collaboration with Suzanne Ciani and Emile Mosseri respectively. Kaitlyn creates colorful, harmonic works inspired by early electronic music pioneers such as Laurie Spiegel and Terry Riley, adding her characteristic sonic features: geometric shapes, playful sonic puzzles and warm synthetic sounds in connection with moods and emotions.

Kaitlyn makes her debut on MUTEK MX with a new album, Let's turn it into sound (Ghostly, 2022), to take us on a journey through the most colorful and purposeful paths of our subconscious, which are, in fact, taken to a mind-blowing visual counterpart by artist Sean Hellfritsch.


American composer, producer and vocalist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, who is also an expert in composition with the iconic Buchla modular synthesizer.


Ghostly International, Western Vinyl


Let’s turn it into sound (Ghostly, 2022)


You can listen to her monthly radio show “Touch the plants” on NTS Radio