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Kalabrese and his RumpelorchestraCH

Kalabrese and his Rumpelorchestra<sup>CH</sup>
Kalabrese and his Rumpelorchestra

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[NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT] With only a handful of singles and even fewer remixes under his belt, Switzerland's Kalabrese (aka Sascha Winkler) currently finds himself in the enviable position of being one of the most hotly tipped producers of the moment. Of course, much of this praise has to do with normally skeptical journalists lining up to praise his just-released debut album, Rumpelzirkus (meaning 'rumbling circus'), an album that flares with the kind of originality that comes along only every once in a blue moon. Kalabrese has a subtle hand in the production booth, building micro-funk out of the relics of soulful disco and afro-beat with the offhand syncopation of a jazz musician. On top of that, he's not afraid to sing, and although much of what comes out is a crooner's cracked mumble, his voice has a measure of charm that sets him not too far off from a young David Byrne. Kalabrese is planning to perform with a reduced version of his live band (3 piece set-up), so this showcase should offer early birds the chance to catch this rising talent testing the limits of his ambitions. Don't miss out!


Stattmusik, Perlon