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[NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT] Hauschka is the much-lauded treated-piano experiment devised by Volker Bertelmann. Born in Germany and currently residing in London, Bertelmann has been releasing music under various groups and aliases since 2001. Of note are his performances in the ambient post-rock trio Music AM, with To Rococo Rot's Stefan Schneider and Long Fin Killie's Luke Sutherland. As Hauschka, a project that has issued three critically acclaimed albums since 2005, he manipulates the workings of a piano in order to deliver a haunting, not-quite-classical rendition of what it means to pull melody from the solo piano in the 21st century. The results are utterly captivating. For this MUTEK performance, Hauschka will be accompanied by the live-cinema of the British duo Semiconductor, who will run contact microphones into Bertelmann's piano in order to manipulate their visuals in real-time with the performance.


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