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Donato Dozzy

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Donato Dozzy has emerged as one of the leading contemporary producers and is widely acclaimed in the international techno circuit for his distinctive atmospheric, hypnotic take on techno music. In 1999, he striked a residency at the famous Brancaleone club in Rome, where he developed his skills as a DJ.

Since then, Dozzy has quickly developed as a producer and a DJ, playing at many of the most important events around the world, such as Dekmantel, Primavera Sound and holding a residency at Berghain from that would allow him to play extended sets and explore the trippier sides of ambient techno.

¨The Professor¨ (a nickname he earned from a combination of completing his Doctorate in Politics at the University of Rome and his outstanding knowlegde of music), is not one to fill his calendar with too many international shows during the year, and, it seems he picks them well, so it is an absolut honour to have him close off the 10th edition of MUTEK Barcelona with an exclusive 3 hour set.

Hypnotic, trippy, ambient, acid, techno

Spectrum Spools, Tresor


Filo Loves The Acid (Tresor 2018)


"In twenty years of activity as a DJ I still can't realize the real social utility of what I'm doin', but I have seen the therapeutic function..." - Donato Dozzy

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