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Ender GalleryCA

Ender Gallery<sup>CA</sup>
Ender Gallery

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In the world of Minecraft, a group of artists and curators came together to start Ender Gallery, an exhibition space that hosts artistic residencies every two months. Sarah Friend, Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll are behind the visionary project, hosting their first round of programming in 2021. Partnered with the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan, Ender Gallery aims to explore new ways of constructing creative visions inside of Minecraft, encouraging artists to bring elements from outside the game world into this new possibility, treating the platform as an expressive medium. Participants are invited to create custom textures, shaders, maps and mods, presented through live performance, minigames or video works. Residents for Ender Gallery's inaugural year are Cat Haines (Regina, SK), Simon M. Benedict (Toronto, ON), Huidi Xiang (Pittsburgh, PA) and Travess Smalley (Providence, RI). From June 1st to August 31st, a solo exhibition from Simon M. Benedict titled Odanak - At The Village is presented, followed by an exhibition by Huidi Xiang.


Ender Gallery, an exhibition space and artist residency co-existing in the Minecraft world.


The last solo exhibition hosted was titled (g)Ender Gallery by Cat Haines, which explores Minecraft’s potential for queer and trans intimacies.


Artist, researcher and designer Huidi Xiang is currently working on the next exhibition, which will be a recreation of her real-life artist studio, newly interpreted in this specific context.