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In memory of our dear friend Marc Bartissol.

Marc was not only a radiant part of the local music scene, he was also a member of the MUTEK team, working for number of years translating texts and artist biographies so integral to the festivalʼs voice and identity. A talented musician and performer, he was also an empathic confidante to those closest to him and a funny, kind and delicate soul in every interaction with others.

Unreleased before, this mix was recorded live at MUTEK Montreal in 2016, 3 years before his sudden passing in august 2019.

Rest in Power Marc.

dull defies his chosen name in minimalist music that unfolds slowly, an epic adventure between the territories of experimental electronics and acoustic music. Building on the familiarity of daily sounds, he creates ambiguities through juxtaposition and texture and plunges listeners into a mysteriously intimate, lush sonic environment of muffled vocals, idiosyncratic piano and loose rhythms.

Growing up with American and French parents in a small village in France near Marseille, Bartissol played classical and jazz piano and cultivated a love of the arts that lead him to Montreal for film school in 2009. There he discovered sound design as a means for storytelling. At the same time, he slipped into the city’s underground electronic music scenes, soon DJing with collectives such as Ground Zero, Hushlamb, Eliptik, Blackbox and ECHOisONE, and producing his own music.