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Cinzia CampoleseIT

Cinzia Campolese<sup>IT</sup>
Cinzia Campolese

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Cinzia C. is an artist who works at the intersection of visual and new media art—focusing on the creation of audiovisual immersive environments, mostly involving the use of projected light. In October 2012 she co-founded the creative label IF in Paris, working on projects concerned with architecture, object design, set design and audiovisual installations. Three years later she began producing her own pieces and received the Call4robot Prize for the installation Continuum, in Bologna, Italy. In October 2016 she had her first solo exhibition with Who. Her artworks have been exhibited at cultural institutes, galleries and events such as Stereolux, Friche de Belle de Mai, Adiacenze Gallery, Perte de Signal, BAM Festival, Chromatic Festival, Livart Gallery and Nuit Blanche Montréal 2018. In her recent works she has been creating generative audiovisual installations using reflective materials, creating a set of light sculptures called the Specular Series. She is also a member of Montréal digital art centre Perte de Signal.