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Boogieman & SamitoCA/QC+MZ/QC

Boogieman & Samito<sup>CA/QC+MZ/QC</sup>
Boogieman & Samito

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Perhaps better known as Montreal’s Breakglass Studios co-owner and mixing engineer, James Benjamin has worked on albums by Purity Ring, Mozart’s Sister, and Pelada. More recently, Benjamin has produced and played under the Boogieman moniker on, Rinse FM, at 24rpm Festival in London, and The Lot Radio in New York City. His last album, Rotations (2019), blends analog experiments and up-tempo acoustic rhythms, and was officially launched with the participation of local artists such as Planet Giza, Lis Dalton, and Kaytranada.

Mozambique-born Samito made his mark as a Montreal-based singer and producer which assembles influences from his origins to heavily processed bass sounds found in electronic music. His first hit “Tiku La Hina” (2016), on Costume Records led him to performances internationally, including at SXSW, Osheaga, and Montreal International Jazz Festival. More electronic influences started appearing in singles such as “I Saw You” (2017) on Man Recordings, where effect-laden vocals sung in different languages are a testimony to Samito’s own multi-faceted musical world.

The Montreal-based duo is crafting a set of uplifting bass-oriented house mixed with Kuduro sonorities and lush Portuguese vocals. Referred by them as Kussom music, the duo’s creative explorations are decidedly melodic and bound to bring positive energy to the event. Danica Olders aka DJ Wasa Bibi will ensure custom VJ visuals for the occasion.


Montréal-based producer Boogieman, and Mozambique-born, Montréal-based producer and singer Samito


Costume Records, Fezihaus, Kitsuné, LADR, Man Recordings


WASA BIBI (2019)


The duo coined a new music genre called Kussom as a description of their latest release, WASA BIBI (2019).