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Andrée MartinCA/QC

Andrée Martin<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Andrée Martin

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Artist and researcher, Andrée Martin has conducted for 25 years a multi, inter, trans, post-disciplinary work on the body's multiple ramifications. Co-founder of the Living Arts and Interdisciplinarity Laboratory (LAVI - FCI), she is currently leading a research-creation project linking immersion, performing arts and homeostatic balance. She also has been creating an ABC of the Dance Body, composed of literary and scenic essays of which 14 works have been presented all over the world (Canada, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain, France, Brazil and India). Screenwriter and director, recipient of the prestigious Core Funding, Andrée has signed The Power of Sound (2018), Danser Perreault (2003), Untitled rouge (1999). Author of fifty articles published around the world, she has directed the books Abécédaire du corps dansant and Territoires en mouvance. Ms. Martin has benefited from the support of the major granting agencies in creation and research in Canada (CALQ, CAC, NFB, FRQSC, CRSH, FCI).