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Montréal, enero 08, 2016
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MUTEKLIVE096 - Nortec Collective présente BOSTICH+FUSSIBLE


Saturday, May 30 - Outdoor stage

Grammy nominated Nortec Collective members Bostich+Fussible have been fusing the brassy indigenous Tijuana sound and 21st century electronic technology to great international acclaim for nearly fifteen years. Hailing from Tijuana in Northern Mexico, they first rose to prominence with their 2001 debut, The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1. The album was a daring mix of traditional norteño and banda sounds filtered through a techno framework and DJ aesthetic. The collective took its name from the combination of norteño and techno that marked their sound, and was less a traditional band than a loose knit collaboration of like minded artists sharing a similar aesthetic. Their acclaimed followup for Nacional Records, Tijuana Sessions Vol 3 (2005), was their last before the group ceased to function as a proper collective – members continued using the Nortec banner, but splintered into several factions. Tijuana Sound Machine (2008) marked the joint album debut of Nortec mainstays Pepe "Fussible" Mogt and Ramon "Bostich" Sánchez, which they delivered in electrifying live fashion at MUTEK 2009. Fast forward two albums later: the pioneering border town sensations have paid the festival one last visit as part of their farewell tour, closing the bittersweet cycle on their innovative fusion sound by performing from their repertoire and final album, Motel Baja.

Mastered by LANDR.

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