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Mexico, octubre 10, 2016
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As an extension of the VR SALON powered by SAMSUNG GEAR VR activities in the FMCC program at Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, the 13th Edition of MUTEK.MX welcomes a new version of the DISCONNECTED performance by Thorsten S. Wiedemann and Sara Lisa Vogl, produced by A MAZE.

The first encounter with the VR world took place in January 2016 at Game Science Center Berlin where Thorsten (founder and director of A MAZE) became the first VR Naut in the world to stay for 48 straight hours in virtual reality. In teamwork with VR Shaman Sara (Lucid Trips, VR Nerds) no human being has ever spent such a long time in computer generated virtual reality.

Their next objective is to experience how meditative and healing VR can be, contrary to the dystopian critics of isolation and uncanny valley. For the performance at MUTEK.MX, the duo intends to explore the new possibilities of the virtual dimension using DEEP VR, which is a meditative VR game controlled by breathing, and Lucid Trips, a planetary dream world.

“How do we prepare ourselves to enter the virtual environment?” is a question they will answer on each of the 2 performances that will take place on FMCC 1 and FMCC 2 with a modern ritual opening to celebrate the out of body experience. As VR Naut Thorsten proposes to leave his body back in the real world and enter a bodiless one… Until the end of each night.


48 horas en VR
Lucid Trips

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