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Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemateCA/QC

Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate

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Morié is an A/V work combining live processed field recordings, discrete audio frequencies, and distilled spatial design presenting moiré patterns amidst a backdrop of transforming architecture. Through repetition of sound and visual elements viewers are enveloped in a transfixing landscape of abstraction. The collaborative duo of Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Matt Henderson (aesthetic.stalemate) use custom software, depth cameras, motion capture, and point clouds to explore fascinations with psycho-acoustics, spatialization within the stereo field, sensory illusion, and real-time virtual environments. In reaction to global pandemic the pair have further virtualized their collaborative approach, creating novel bridges between audience, performer, sound, environment, and themselves. The resulting A/V experience is an uncanny interplay of connectivity and dissociation.

This work expands upon the Morié performance which had it’s Canadian debut at MUTEK Montréal in 2019. For HYBRID - CUTTING EDGE CANADA the duo will explore collaboration through real-time augmented reality using depth cameras to transpose themselves into their “house of moirés”. Chloe Alexandra Thompson is using custom synths and binaural tools built in MaxMSP to compose and render the music as binaural stereo. Matt Henderson is using Unity, Intel RealSense cameras and post-processing effects to produce responsive visuals.