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Montréal, April 28, 2021
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MUTEK Montréal presents JUMP CUT #2 with Marie Davidson, Dana Gingras, and Sabrina Ratté

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MUTEK.ES+AR, the first joint edition of MUTEK Barcelona and MUTEK Buenos Aires will be held from May 3 to 9, 2021, in hybrid format, with theatrical performances in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and online performances, on

MUTEK Montréal takes part in the programming through MUTEK Connect, a collaborative initiative that presents performances from other editions of the MUTEK network. To not miss the event, register now on

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Discover the artists who will be presented below:

Guillaume Coutu Dumont (CA/QC)

Les Empires

Coutu-Dumont has become somewhat of a staple of the MUTEK experience. After over a dozen performances at the festival, he returns once more with Les Empires, a performance situated in mythology, childhood memories of TV cartoon shows, and movie soundtracks. Inspired by Early Krautrock musicians Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze, he creates retro-futuristic pieces filled with the warmth and imperfections typical to the ambient synth sounds from this bygone era. Soft percussions and simple, repetitive melodies create a hypnotic and nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a time that may have never existed after all.

Photo credit: Myriam Ménard

MUTEK21 Guillaume Coutu Dumont Diagraf par Myriam Menard 9

Jump Cut #2 - Marie Davidson - Dana Gingras - Sabrina Ratté (CA/QC + QC/FR)

World Première

The program will present the second episode of the JUMP CUT project, a web series of six streaming collaborations between international multidisciplinary artists. Conceived by Dana Gingras / Animals of Distinction as a way to survive and thrive in these times.

JUMP CUT #2 will feature Montreal artist Marie Davidson, Quebec video artist Sabrina Ratté and Montreal choreographer and dancer Dana Gingras. Treating the body as a living sculpture, the emphasis will be on capturing the minutiae of movement and transforming the human body into a virtual body through augmented reality techniques. This digital transformation process will then dialogue with sound to create an experimental audiovisual creation.

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, the collaboration of Cine Qua Non Media, curated by CTM Festival.

Photo credit: Sabrina Ratté

Pose Jumpcut

Line Katcho (CA/QC)


Line Katcho is a Montréal composer and audiovisual artist primarily interested in sound and image as demonstrations of kinetic matter: gestures, forces, or motion—she distinguishes herself by her experimental approach and affinity for perceptual playfulness, as well as a profound talent with affect.

She holds a master's degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, and leans towards mixing of styles, genres and applied methods. She collaborates with choreographer and dancer James Viveiros, the Paysage Primitif collective, and also performs as a VJ under the moniker La Hyèna.

This performance was initially recorded for Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada, a co-production of MUTEK and HYBRID / HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes



OBUXUM's examination of sonic landscapes, on these ‘privileged' electronic tools, has a deep-rooted history in the socioeconomic gaps found between the privilege of capitalist dreams and the realities of inaccessible resources found in Black communities. In this visual and audio examination of juxtaposing OBUXUM’s electro explorations with archival footage of graffiti, the birth of Hip-Hop, electro innovations by Black musicians, Black Panthers & activists, and the looting of stores, reveals a systemic pattern of mutually assured battles for cosmopolitan consumptions for accessibility, freedom, and socioeconomic resources.

Image credit: Noor Khan

OBUXUM wide shot 2

Ouri (CA/QC/FR)

Oscillating between vibrant heights and melancholic valleys in a hybrid electronic dimension, Ouri merges her strength and truth with lush chaos, weaving ambient and bass-driven production into her own impassioned, rhythmic abstract style.

This performance was initially recorded for Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada, a co-production of MUTEK and HYBRID / HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes


Pelada (CA/QC)

Synths, samplers and drum machines in tow, Pelada unleash their impassioned live show, they assemble a patchwork of hardware synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to deliver a unique, exhilarating and unpolished high energy performance which explores the modern, borderless, genreless clubbing landscape while simultaneously pushing the idea of live electronic music into a more immediate and confrontational punk paradigm. Imminently danceable, this is culturally aware, urgently political body music for a world on the brink of collapse.

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes

MUTEK21 Pelada par Bruno Destombes 010
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