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Tokyo, October 28, 2021

MUTEK.JP's 6th Edition will take place over five days from 8 to 12 December in Tokyo.

The 6th Edition of MUTEK.JP returns to Tokyo from Wednesday, December 8 to Sunday, December 12, 2021. Over the course of 5 days, this year’s edition will explore the latest in audiovisual creation across the Miraikan Dome Theater, LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, and Shibuya Stream Hall.

Last year’s 5th anniversary edition, which took place in a hybrid event format with a focus on local talent, featured a limited live audience accompanied by a strong virtual presence. For 2021, MUTEK.JP is returning to the physical realm in full force by extending the length of the festival and the size and range of venues to its 2019 format, while maintaining adequate health measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The 2021 edition will create a space where we invite our audiences to gather in a safe manner and return to the joy of experiencing live music and audiovisual performances.

This year's festival is supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal year 2021 aimed at building and promoting Japanese culture and arts through creating economic value and enhancing international communication and collaboration. In this spirit, up-and-coming artists will be joined by veterans to present an array of innovative artistic works ranging from music and audiovisual performances to digital and media art, as well as an extensive talk program exploring new visions and forms of expressions.

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12/08 - A/Visions 1

Miraikan Dome Theater

A/Visions 1 is a two-part program , which will present immersive experiences and performances at the Miraikan Dome Theatre on December 8.

The first part of the program will feature the following five audiovisual works curated by the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], an arts centre based in Montreal, Canada. The works selected for this exclusive event represent various avenues explored by artists whose work is strongly grounded in performance based electronic music and interactive workflows, exploring new narratives with a critical yet informed look on digital technologies.

Axel Helios CA/QC— Drichtel / Baron Lanteigne & Bobby Tank CA+UK— Anthologie / Desaxismundi & Terminal Wolf CA/QC— Inertia / Past Video & Deathvox CZ+DK— C0R3-C0LL4PS3 / CA/QC — Indivisible

Following the first part of the program, the second part will feature a special live performance of the immersive audiovisual work "Noesis" by Synichi Yamamoto + Seiichi Sega & Intercity-Express, which was selected as a Jury Recommended Work at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival. For the 2021 MUTEK.JP Edition the artists will present an updated live version with 4K stereoscopic view and 8.1ch sound, optimized for the newly renovated "Dome Theater Gaia" at Miraikan.

Synichi Yamamoto + Seiichi Sega & Intercity-Express JP — Noesis (2021 version) - Live

12/09 - A/Visions 2


The second day of the festival will see MUTEK.JP’s return to the large-scale theatre venue LINE CUBE SHIBUYA. The A/Visions 2 program will transcend performing arts and musical concerts with musician Marihiko Hara presenting a special live performance joining the piano, synthesizers, a string ensemble alongside the Persian instrument santur. Hara, who most recently presented his work at the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, will be joined by visual artist and programmer Ryo Shiraki.

The opening performance will see the media arts performance "あらゆる人のための、誰のためでもない世界 / A World for Everyone and No One" by the Kyoto-based Antibodies Collective, which is led by dancer Yoko Higashino and contemporary musician Toshio Kajiwara. The performance was originally premiered in a giant factory space on Awajishima by the Collective.

Marihiko Hara & Ryo Shiraki JP(Cb: Hiroki Chiba, Vn: Anzu Suhara, Vc: Masabumi Sekiguchi, Vc: Yumiko Iwao, Santur: Kazune Iwasaki) / Antibodies Collective JP — あらゆる人のための、誰のためでもない世界

12/10 to 12 - Nocturne 1 to 3

Shibuya Stream Hall

Building the core of the MUTEK.JP festival, the Nocturne series will take place over the course of 3 days at Shibuya Stream Hall.

Nocturne 1 on Friday, December 10, will see a series of three world premieres. To begin with electronic musician Saskia will be joined by Butoh dancer Kana Kitty and Yumi Sagara, as well as lighting artist Hitoshi Sato to present their multidisciplinary performance “LOWE”. Following MUTEK.JP mainstay Lemna will be joined by animation artist and painter Kaori Yasunaga for a truly cinematic audiovisual journey. Topping off the day will be the premiere of the immersive sound experience “FLOW” by Wata Igarashi, performed on an 8.2ch soundscape system provided by d&b audiotechnik. Completing the lineup will be audiovisual artist JACKSON kaki performing with Virtual Reality.

Nocturne 2 on Saturday, December 11, will set out with a special collaboration between MUTEK.JP and the Tokyo Developers Study Weekend, presenting two cutting-edge audiovisual performances by Masayuki Azegami & komakinex and dhrma & Yuki Ishida. Following famed underground musician Koshiro Hino will present his solo project YPY. Closing the night will be rising star NTsKi, who just released her debut album “Orca”, joined by visual artist Saeko Ehara.

Nocturne 3 on Sunday, December 12, will see the return of MUTEK.JP mainstay Akiko Kiyama as Aalko, exploring the more experimental sides of her musical works. The night will open with an audiovisual collaboration between ambient musician Chihei Hatakeyama and media artist Seiichi Sega, followed by a multi-instrumental journey by composer and vibraphone/marimba artist Masayoshi Fujita, who just released his most recent album “Bird Ambience” exploring elements of electronic dub. Completing the Sunday lineup will be underground legend Phew well known for her experimental noise explorations.

Saskia, Kana Kitty & Yumi Sagara, Hitoshi Sato JP — ロウ / Lemna & Kaori Yasunaga JP/ Wata Igarashi JP — Flow / YPY JP/ NTsKi & Saeko Ehara JP / Masayuki Azegami & komakinex JP / dhrma & Yuki Ishida JP/ YPY JP/ Aalko aka Akiko Kiyama JP/ Chihei Hatakeyama & Seiichi Sega JP/ Masayoshi Fujita JP / Phew JP


The virtual extension of the MUTEK.JP festival opens its doors on on December 1, 2021. MUTEK's virtual platform will showcase the online exhibition "2092" featuring 8 cutting-edge digital artworks, and a "Best of Hybrid MUTEK" selection representing 8 works carefully selected from the MUTEK Montreal archives. From December 10th to 13th, the virtual platform will be in full swing presenting the MUTEK Connect programs featuring novel performances presented by the MUTEK network and partner festivals Insomnia and Ekko in Norway.

Access to the virtual platform is free of charge.

Connect Series

For the second year in a row, MUTEK Connect is renewing this model of digital interconnectivity based on the multiple and strengthened cultural connections existing between MUTEK.JP and its sister festivals in Montréal, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Dubai, as well as partners Insomnia and Ekko in Norway.

Insomnia Festival
in Tromsø will showcase the artist Niilas, whose a rising star in the Norwegian music scene. Bergen’s Ekko Festival, producer Bratten and the visual artist Birk Nygaard will showcase their latest live performance for the first time. Both were recorded at the festivals held this year in October.

will present live performances by the Barcelona-based producer CLARAGUILAR and Mathew Jonson's project Freedom Engine. In addition, the Japanese artist Kyoka will present her experimental audiovisual show "Water", merging the visual art of Nobuko Hori and Myoung Kan AR mastery. The three shows were recorded during the Connect MUTEK.ES showcase held most recently in November in Barcelona.

Our partners from MUTEK.SF will present an audiovisual collaboration by producer, DJ, and live performer Aurora Halal and the visual artist Ezra Miller, who specializes in real-time generative art. Additionally hailing from New Dehli the Indian artist Dolorblind will present his latest audiovisual work. Both performances premiered this September at Culture Connects, a digital events program developed by Wild City in collaboration with MUTEK San Francisco and American Center New Delhi.

MUTEK.AE, the festivals satellite in the Arab Emirates, joins the ranks with the Iranian experimental electronic duo Temp-Illusion in collaboration with experimental filmmaker Amir B. Ash. This performance was made possible via a commission from Tehran Contemporary Sounds. The filming location was provided by ATG.

MUTEK.AR will showcase the audiovisual project PRIFMA's A/V a collaboration between Argentinian musician AVR010's, Mercedes Invernizzi Oviedo, and Laura Fuchs. In addition, a collaborative performance by Nico Sorín, a producer active in cinema music and orchestra, and the trans-media artist Feli Cabrera Lopez will showcase the finest Argentinian underground has to offer. Experimental electronic duo FORMA's live set by Juan Hansen and Pablo Bursztyn will conclude an extravagant lineup of audiovisual explorations.

NiilasNO/ André Bratten & Birk Nygaard NO/ CLARAGUILAR CAT/ES/ Mathew Jonson - Freedom Engine CA/ Kyoka JP/ Dolorblind IN/ Aurora Halal + Ezra Miller US/ Temp Illusion + Amir B. Ash IR/ FORMA AR/ AVR010 - PRIFMA AR / Nico Sorín & Efe Ce EleAR

Best of Hybrid MUTEK - Selection 2020-2021

In preparation for the main festival activities our virtual platform will host a "Best of Hybrid MUTEK" selection representing 8 works carefully selected from the MUTEK Montreal archives.

Cy-Ens IR/QC / Chris Salter & Alexandre Saunier US/QC+FR/QC / Desert Bloom CA/QC / Line Katcho CA/QC / Ouri FR/QC / GOLPESAR IR/QC / Phèdre CA / Thisquietarmy x Philippe Léonard CA/QC

2092 - Exhibition

Finally, our virtual platform will also host 2092, an exhibition showcasing the works of international artists making different uses of virtual beings or digitized-augmented-self to expand their art practice and create deeper personal narratives. Either to question our existence in the virtual realm or to offer a dystopian perspective, this exhibition highlights how CG entities can be used critically within the constantly changing internet.

Pussykrew PL/US / Sabrina Ratté CA/QC/FR / Eva Papamargariti GR/UK / Nicole Ruggiero x Ines Alpha US+FR/ Andrew Thomas Huang US / KEIKEN UK/DE / Chris Dorland CA/US / Team Rolfes US

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