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µ-Ziq & ID:MoraUK+CZ

µ-Ziq & ID:Mora<sup>UK+CZ</sup>
µ-Ziq & ID:Mora

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With an action-packed 2022, Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq) was inevitably inspired while preparing the anniversary edition of his iconic album Lunatic Harness (1997). He also began preparing what would be his long-awaited return to Planet Mu after 13 years: Magic Pony Ride. Established by Paradinas over 25 years ago, the renowned Planet Mu label has amplified some of the most adventurous and experimental sounds for the dance floor with projects like Venetian Snares, Kuedo, DJ Rashad and Jlin.
Paradinas remains among today’s most endearing representatives of the IDM, jungle and breakbeat genres. Since the 1990s, he has been ceaselessly reinventing his own sound, while remaining true to his inimitable melodic style, “drill n’ bass”, and the innovative programming and cutting-edge beats that he’s become known for. He has left a trail of wonder and inspiration since the nineties, fueling the imagination of new generations of producers and adventurous listeners with a sound as emotional as innovative. He has released various albums now regarded as classics that redefined the intersection between DnB, techno and ambient. Thus, with one ear on the most edgy electronic productions and the other on the infinite possibilities of studio work, Paradinas maintains an unusual freshness despite almost 30 years of experience.


English producer Mike Paradinas aka µ-Ziq and Czech visual artist ID:Mora unite for an eclectic and cutting-edge performance.


Planet Mu, Blamat


1977 (Blamat, 2023)

Hello (Planet Mu, 2022)

Magic Pony Ride (Planet Mu, 2022)

Goodbye (Planet Mu, 2022)

Secret Garden (Planet Mu, 2021) w/ Mrs Jynx


In 1998, Paradinas launched the independent record label ‘Planet Mu Records’. After more than 25 years and 400 releases, it has become established as one of the mainstays of the electronic music scene.