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Yu Su<sup>CN/CA</sup>
Yu Su

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Kaifeng-born Yu Su is a composer, DJ, and sound artist. Tapping into an expansive repertoire of “fourth world” ambience and left-field dance music, Yu Su’s emotion-packed compositional punches are best described as organically groovy jazz-bient expeditions between coasts. Following a relocation from her hometown of Kaifeng, China, to Vancouver in 2013, she started producing music under the You’re Me moniker with fellow musician Scott Johnson Gailey, before going on to release her solo work under Yu Su. A proficient multi-instrumentalist, she grew up learning classical piano and has cited the likes of Terry Riley, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Yasuaki Shimizu, and Laurie Anderson as inspirations. Her widely acclaimed first album Yellow River Blue was released in 2021 on Music From Memory.

Scott Gailey is a Vancouver based musician, composer and sound artist. He has released music under his own name and Hotspring alias on Seance Centre and Mood Hut. Aiden Ayers is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer. Josh Contant is a Vancouver-based drummer.


Vancouver-based producer, DJ and sound artist Yu Su.


bié Records, Technicolour


Yellow River Blue (2021)
Watermemon Woman (2019)


Yu Su has studied classical piano for years, devoting countless hours to learning Bach, Debussy and Liszt.