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Gangpol & Mit<sup>FR</sup>
Gangpol & Mit

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[CANADIAN DEBUT] Have you ever wondered what the music would sound like at daycares on other planets? Well, the French duo Gangpol Und Mit have gone ahead and imagined it for you. Using a mix of European folklore, cartoon music, space-age pop, vocoders and children's toys, this audio/visual collaboration uses samples and video screens to take audiences back to a world ruled by innocence and naïve imaginations, a world most of us see only in kindergartens run amok. Gangpol Und Mit began in Bordeaux as a project by Sylvain Quément, who creates the music, and Guillaume Castagné, who provides the surreal visuals. To date they have released three albums, the latest of which is this year's lavish picture-disc (limited to 500 copies) The Hopelessly Sad Story of the Hideous End of the World. Gangpol Und Mit are guaranteed to sound like nothing else you've heard… since the age of three.