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Wighnomy Brothers<sup>DE</sup>
Wighnomy Brothers

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As one of the most sought-after remix duos of the last few years, the Wighnomy Brothers have left their indelible mark on some of the best and biggest tracks emerging from today's clubs. As this duo so evidently showcases on their own productions, they have a talent for isolating those aspects of a track that make it jump. In other words, it will be hard to stand still once the Wighnomy Brothers hit the stage.Working together since 2001, the duo of Gabor Schablitzki and Sören Bodner have crafted over fifteen singles and twice as many remixes in the past six years. They specialize in peak-hour hyperbolic house anthems that have been known to destroy dance-floors. Schablitzki has also developed an enviable reputation as producer Robag Wruhme, a solo project he undertook in 2002 that has one album (2004's Wuzzlebud 'KK') and a crateful of singles and remixes to its name. Schablitzki also sometimes records as DJ Gabor and as part of the experimental electronic duo Beefcake.


Freude am Tanzen, Musik Krause