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Credit : Stephan Redel

Virginia, a DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer, has been a vibrant presence in the electronic music scene for many years. Growing up in Munich, she discovered her passion for music early on and began her career in the late 90s. She has held notable residencies in Germany, and since 2012, at Berghain's Panorama Bar in Berlin. Virginia's music is inspired by the warm, analog sounds of the 80s and 90s, which she seamlessly blends with modern elements in her DJ sets, adding spontaneous live vocals for a unique experience. Her productions, including the 2008 crossover LP Twisted Mind, showcase her versatility and have been featured in film and TV. Her collaborations with artists like Steffi and Dexter have resulted in acclaimed tracks such as Yours and Treasure Seeking. Virginia's solo work, including the Loch & Hill EP and her 2016 debut LP Fierce For The Night, reflects her rich musicality and deep connection to club culture.

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Montréal 2024

DJ set

Virginia DE/PT
DJ set | Canadian Premiere

DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer, Virginia has energized the electronic scene for over a decade. Her hybrid approach blends analog house and electro from the 80s and 90s with off-kilter grooves, enriched by spontaneous live vocals. A captivating set, deeply rooted in authentic club culture.


Virginia is a German artist, DJ and producer.


Ostgut Ton


Fierce For The Night (2016)