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Polmo Polpo<sup>CA</sup>
Polmo Polpo

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Polmo Polpo is the work of Toronto composer and producer Sandro Perri. Since 1999, he has had several full length and EP releases, beginning with his own label, Audi Sensa, and later moving on to various releases with Montreal's own independent leaders: Alien8, Intr-version, and Constellation. Perri operates in a strange netherworld between avant-dub and more post-rock influences and pointedly incorporates traditional instruments into his electronic experiments 'as part of the fabric', as he says. The lapsteel guitar is an integral part of his recordings; he even had to admit that guitar was like part of his DNA, but was drowned out by the dense fog of heavily textured rhythms. Polmo Polpo creates a unique blend of dense and intoxicating layers of hisses and crackles, looped percussion, long-burn drones and submerged rhythms overlaid with instrumental sources (slide guitar, strings, accordion)-a sound that easily distinguishes him from any other. His live show is a blend of looped percussion, electronics, and strings, in addition to the lapsteel guitar so prominently featured in his recordings.


Alien8 Recordings, Intr_version