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Tim Hecker vs 242 PilotsCA

Tim Hecker vs 242 Pilots<sup>CA</sup>
Tim Hecker vs 242 Pilots

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Tim Hecker is a Canadian composer with a growing reputation. Whether as Tim Hecker or Jetone, his tech-house alter ego, he has been busy accumulating recording credits on national and international labels such as Alien8, Fat Cat, Tigerbeat, Mille Plateaux and Force Inc. His approach, hybrid in nature and sometimes highly-referential (e.g. his reinterpretation of Van Halen on My Love is Rotten to the Core), is so rigorously executed that Hecker eludes conventions, aesthetic proprieties, and genre pigeonholing altogether. Captive audiences are swept into a vortex fed by intense torrents from diverse sound sources, meticulously and forcefully engineered by Hecker.A collective of audiovisual artists, 242.pilots explores improvisation using customized video manipulation software and real-time image synthesis. The trio of Lukasz Lysakowski (Poland), Kurt Ralske (United States) and Hans Christian Gilje (Norway) has received numerous prizes and distinctions, notably first place in the image category at Berlin's Transmediale awards in February, 2003. Their solid international reputation is due to digital video work that is characteristically exploratory and organic in nature, probing the boundaries of experimental cinema and revealing the occasional snippet of narrative. While their own sound compositions tend to reflect and reinforce their visual creations, improvisation with other musicians is an exercise at which they excel.The combined approaches of Tim Hecker and 242.pilots will doubtless result in a mesmerizing display of audiovisual poetry.