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The Mugzy & Maam ShowCA/QC

The Mugzy & Maam Show<sup>CA/QC</sup>
The Mugzy & Maam Show

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The two aliens Mugzy and Maam crashed in Montréal in their DIY spacecraft, in a desperate attempt to escape their home planet. After discovering a wonderful world of freaks, they made it their purpose to produce music, pursue happiness and warn humans about the dangers of losing their community.

The Fitness was born in Toronto in a household filled with Latin, Salsa, RnB and Soul influences, but his musical interest shifted when he attended Daft Punk’s 2007 tour. A product of his wild journey through Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chicago House and Detroit Techno, he now produces a vibrant and energetic style of house music that’s accessible to everyone. His original productions have led him to perform in Montréal but also across the US and Europe.

Lou Roots began his adventure into music when a school friend offered him a music production software, taking up piano, percussions, drums and guitar soon after. Influenced by Funk, Disco and Rock, Roots’ music is simple and rich, while being subtle but catchy.

GabaGhoul was introduced to music at a very young age, first through his father’s love of Pink Floyd, then through his uncle on a trip to Australia, where the pair created a track featuring GabaGhoul’s beatboxing. Thus began his love for music production.


The Mugzy & Maam Show is an extravagant musical puppet show, the brainchild of Canadian producers The Fitness, Lou Roots and GabaGhoul.


Soul Clap Records
Wolf + Lamb Records
Poésie Angulaire


You Are The One (Poésie Angulaire, 2021)


The best way to describe Mugzy and Maam's live performance is if Jim Henson's The Muppets got together with Mr. Oizo and decided to perform with Gorillaz.