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Synichi YamamotoJP

Synichi Yamamoto<sup>JP</sup>
Synichi Yamamoto

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While presenting his works at festivals in Japan and abroad as an artist, he is also a motion graphic artist for Omnibus Japan, one of Japan's leading digital production companies. He has won many awards for his work on corporate branding, EXPOs, and movie title sequences.

In recent years, he has worked on projects as the company's Executive Creative Director, such as video works in urban spaces, videos for permanent exhibitions in public areas, curation of art festivals, AR/XR projects, and scientific video productions in planetariums with scientists. He runs superSymmetry, a horizontal collaboration with technologists, scientists, musicians, and artists of traditional culture, and works to expand the existing video field.

He has been work on video art as a media artist since the 1990s, participating in Fujiko Nakaya's video gallery SCAN and Image Forum, which has a long history as an underground center for experimental video in Japan. With the approach of "video as an extension of electric music," which is different from the method of film, he has presented many works at art festivals in Japan and abroad. Around 2000, amid the digital graphic movement, he collaborated with musicians such as Rei Harakami and Pardon Kimura to produce motion graphics video works.

Currently he mainly collaborates with the musician Intercity-Express, and has given audio-visual performances in Canada's MUTEK, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Belgium.
Since 2019 years, he has released three ambient works with Corey Fuller of the ambient label 12K, creating silence in the city.