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Stephen BeaupréCA/QC

Stephen Beaupré<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Stephen Beaupré

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Through his innovative approach to production, Beaupré conjures up unexpected pairings of lurching, syncopated beats, lush melodies and wistful vocals, that offer equal parts animated narratives and agitated funk—full of rich micro-samples and superimposed layers of synths.

Cutting his teeth as a teenage promoter for electronic music events in Ottawa, this respected figure in the world of Canadian electronic music was immediately drawn to house and techno textures of the deeper, funkier and more unpredictable variety. Montréal has been home to Beaupré's distinct and exhilarating musical productions for over two decades. Attracting early attention as part of the mashup duo Crackhaus, alongside his friend Deadbeat (Scott Monteith), Beaupré gained further recognition as a solo artist with his masterful 2006 debut, Foe Destroyer. He has since released music on acclaimed labels such as Circus Company, Wagon Repair and Perlon. In 2010, Beaupré channeled his more experimental impulses into Gemmiform, an ambitious audiovisual undertaking featuring the work of visual artists Nancy Belzile, Patrick Bernatchez and David Fafard, and the music of the Banjo Consorsium. After a dip in output over the last few years, Beaupré has stormed back with miles of new tracks and an invigorated sense of live performance.


MUTEK_REC, Musique Risquée, Circus Company, Wagon Repair


Kill Sugar (2017), Battery Noise (2016)


Beaupré released his debut album on MUTEK_REC, the festival’s once upon a time label. He has also performed and released with Scott Monteith of Deadbeat as the rule-rupturing house duo, Crackhaus