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Credit: Stephan Redel

Steffi has consistently pushed the boundaries of dance music since her emergence in the mid-90s. Originally hailing from the Netherlands, her relocation to Berlin marked a significant turning point, leading to a legendary residency at Berghain/Panoramabar. This experience has profoundly shaped her approach, enabling her to resonate with audiences globally through her performances in both intimate clubs and major festivals.
As a producer, Steffi boasts a rich discography that showcases her versatility and understanding of electronic music's many facets. Her work, which includes solo projects as well as collaborations, spans a variety of respected labels such as Ostgut Ton and Ed Banger. Beyond her production, she is the driving force behind Klakson and Dolly, labels known for their curated selections of electro, breaks, and house music.
In a recent and bold move to Portugal, Steffi has initiated Candy Mountain—a label, studio, and creative hub that exemplifies her commitment to innovation and community in the music industry.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Steffi NL/PT

For her live performance, Steffi unveils an exploration rich in texture and rhythm, drawing from her deep roots in techno and electro. Now based in Portugal, her recent creative endeavors include the co-founding of Candy Mountain, a label and studio that further shapes her innovative soundscapes. Expect a set that not only reflects her storied career but also her constant evolution and unique approach to electronic music, making her performance a must-see at the festival.

Presented with the support of The Performing Arts Fund NL.

Steffi (Steffie Doms) is a DJ, producer, and label manager originally from the Netherlands and now living in Portugal.


Portugal-based platform Candy Mountain operates worldwide and focuses on the broad spectrum of electronic music, hosting artists from many genres.