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Sofia KourtesisPE/DE

Sofia Kourtesis<sup>PE/DE</sup>
Sofia Kourtesis

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When she began work on her debut, Sofia Kourtesis was seemingly unstoppable. A string of rapturously received EPs and singles made her one of the fastest rising stars in the electronic world and beyond.

Born in Peru, but living in Berlin since she was 19, the producer, vocalist and DJ embarks on a new journey with Madres, her first album. The album is in large part a tribute to her mother, who had to fight to survive cancer, but also to Peter Vajkoczy, the world-renowned neurosurgeon who gave them hope they needed. Madres contains shades of the struggle of those years and her own mental health journey. Overall though, Madres is joyful, awash with warm light and brimming with “hope and the value that big love can create miracles”. It’s also filled with the minutiae of life that Kourtesis didn’t have time or energy for; going out with friends, dating, dancing, eating, living.

Upcoming performances

Barcelona 2024

Live A/V

The Peruvian artist will present her new album in a moving live audiovisual performance at the MUTEK festival.