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Shelly Knotts & Glen FraserUK + CA

Shelly Knotts & Glen Fraser<sup>UK + CA</sup>
Shelly Knotts & Glen Fraser

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Shelly Knotts is one of the artists that has been awarded a grant from the On-the-Fly open call. She is an improviser who performs with computers and other humans. Interests in code, data and networks have led her down strange and diverse musical paths from electroacoustic composition, through jazz and noise music to Algorave. She experiments with generative and AI techniques and opinionated algorithms to make music. She has performed at numerous Algoraves and other live coding events worldwide, solo and with collaborative projects including ALGOBABEZ.

Glen Fraser (aka totalgee) is a Canadian software developer who has worked in graphics, sound, interactive and immersive technology for over a quarter-century. Most of his professional life has been spent creating software tools for artists, and collaborating directly with artists. He has been active with TOPLAP Barcelona since 2019, although his initiation to live-coded performance was in 2013, when he also belonged to the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and the Wú Collective.

Inspired by TidalCycles’ pattern language, and following the (joyfully irrational) live-coder tradition of reinventing the wheel, Glen develops and uses “Bacalao”, his personal collection of live-coding tools for SuperCollider.